Tour in Albania from Podgorica

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8 Days



8-day program



Day 1:
Arrival in Podgorica. Reception and assistance from our guide in Podgorica and trip to Shkodra, which is located in northwestern Albania, near the lake of the same name. Shkodra Lake is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Shkodra is an ancient city founded in the fourth century p.e.s. as the main center of the Illyrian Labeat tribe and was originally called "Scodra". Shkodra is one of the main centers of Albanian culture and history. Visit Rozafa Castle and the museum to learn about the legend of the woman who was walled alive during its construction. The castle was built in the 2nd century BC. In the evening walk to the city heritage center where you can see the Clock Tower, the steam bath, the Great Church and the Great Mosque etc. Accommodation in Hotel 4 *. Dinner and Sleep in Shkodra.
Day 2:
After breakfast at the hotel the tour continues towards the city of Kruja where you will visit the Medieval Castle and the museum of our National Hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu, the Ethnographic Museum and the old bazaar where you can find handmade souvenirs. The visit continues in the coastal city of Durrës which is known since 627 BC as Epidamnus, later the name of the city became Dyrrah. In the evening you will visit the city castle built in the IV-V century BC, the Roman Amphitheater with a capacity of 20,000 spectators and the Venetian tower. Accommodation in Hotel 4 *. Dinner and Bed at Durres.
Day 3:
The tour will continue in Berat which is built along the Osum River. The city lies at the foot of Mount Tomorri, considered in ancient times as a sacred place. Called the "City of One on One Windows", Berat has three characteristic neighborhoods, Mangalem, Kala (Castle) and Gorica, and is described as a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman city in central Albania. Part of the city is the Castle, which was built in the thirteenth century, but the origins of the place date back to the fourth century p.e.s. The center of the castle neighborhood is rich with many Byzantine churches, most of them unique for the murals, icons and values ​​they hold. St. Mary's Cathedral houses the Onufri National Iconographic Museum. Berat is also home to a significant number of mosques built during the Ottoman period. The King's Mosque (King's Mosque) is the oldest, built in the fifteenth century in the time of Bayezid II, famous for its slender ceiling. Visit to the Castle, built on the hills of the city, the Onufer Museum, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the museum quarters of Mangalem and Gorica. On the way to Vlora a short stop to visit the archeological site of Apollonia (Fier) which reached its peak in the IV - III centuries p.e.s. In the first century BCE, Octavian Augustus studied philosophy there until he heard the news of Caesar's assassination in the Senate and went on to become the next Roman emperor. In the evening arrival in the city of Vlora which is known since the IV century BC as Aulona. Visit to the Muradie Mosque built in 1542 by the architect Mimar Sinani who is also the architect of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. Accommodation in Hotel 4 *. Dinner and Sleep in Vlora.
Day 4:
After breakfast at the hotel, the journey continues along the Ionian coast or as it is known the Albanian Riviera which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unspoiled regions in Albania. Stop for Dhërmi, a large and beautiful village with about 30 old churches picturesquely located on the steep slope of the mountain. Lunch in the ancient city of Himara. After lunch we continue to Saranda, a short visit to the castle of Ali Pasha located in the bay of Porto Palermo. Continue to the ancient city of Butrint, part of the UNESCO World Heritage and includes views such as the temple of Askelapius, the theater, the path, the portals, the baptistery, the Venetian castle etc. The ecosystem that surrounds the area is a national park, offering you the opportunity to walk in a real Mediterranean "jungle". Upon arrival in the afternoon in Saranda, the city of Saranda is mentioned in the first century p.e.s. named Onhezmus. In the evening visit to the castle of Lekurs from where you will enjoy a stunning view of the bay of Saranda and the island of Corfu, 9 km away from Saranda. Accommodation in a 4-star hotel. Accommodation in Saranda.
Day 5:
After breakfast continue to the stone city of Gjirokastra which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, listed as one of the most attractive tourist sites in the country. The main tourist attractions are the old houses, built of stone to resemble small castles and cobbled streets. We will know the history of Gjirokastra, continuing to the Historical Museum of Weapons, the Church in the old bazaar and its characteristic shops, the Ethnographic Museum, located in the house where the former communist dictator Enver Hoxha was born. Later the tour continues. along the Vjosa River where you will see the beautiful exit canyons in Kelcyra. Lunch in Përmet where you will enjoy all the traditional specialties such as roast lamb, chicken stuffed with nuts, boiled cheese, etc. accompanied by various drinks wine, brandy etc. Afternoon visit to the city of Përmet known as the "City of Flowers". . Accommodation in Hotel 3 *. Dinner and Bed at Permet.
Day 6:
After breakfast, the tour will continue to Korça, walking through the natural road that leaves you breathless with gorges, mountains, rivers, canyons, forests. The city of Korça, one of the largest and most important cultural and economic centers of Albania, located in the southeastern part of the country. The city is known for its typical neighborhoods, consisting of low houses and villas, which are paved with cobblestones. The city of Korça has a number of museums such as the "Museum of Education" (located in the building where the first Albanian school was opened in 1887), the "National Museum of Medieval Art", the "Prehistoric Museum", the house-museum of the famous painter of landscape, Vangjush Mio, museum of Oriental Art "Bratko", etc. Korça is the city where the largest carnival is organized in Albania, which takes place before the Orthodox Easter. From the musical point of view, the city is known for the local songs called "serenata". In the city you will find many taverns with delicious traditional dishes such as. different types of pie that combine perfectly with good music and traditional drink, brandy. In the evening arrival in the city of Pogradec which is built on the southwest shore of Lake Ohrid and is one of the most prominent cities in Albania for its tradition of hosting "family tourism". The lake environment is a natural habitat for a variety of ancient flora and fauna. It harbors the rare Koran fish, a type of trout, impossible to find in almost any other lake in the world. Lake Ohrid is part of the UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage List. Accommodation in Hotel 4 *. Dinner and Bed at Pogradec.
Day 7:
After breakfast tour in Pogradec and short stop in Lin village. The Lin area has been inhabited since at least the Iron Age. Archaeological finds from the top of the hill above the present-day village include the foundation walls and mosaics of an early Byzantine Christian church, dating from the 6th century. The church is a Cultural Monument of Albania and is included in the potential UNESCO area of Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region (Albania). The visit continues in Elbasan for a visit to the ancient Castle "Skampa" which belongs to the 15th century. In the evening arrival in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Tourist tours in Tirana where you can visit the E’them Bey Mosque, the Watchtower located in the main center of the city. Accommodation in Hotel 4 *. Dinner and Sleep in Tirana.
Day 8:
After breakfast at the hotel free time until the departure time at the Airport.


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