Tirana, in the dialect of Tirana: Tirona, is the capital of the region and district of the same name and the capital of the Republic of Albania. Tirana is located in the center of Albania, about 35 km east of Durrës and about 40 km northwest of Elbasan, in a valley surrounded by Mount Dajti in the east, the hills of Kërraba and Sauk in the south, the hills of Vaqarr and Yzberisht in the west and those of Kamza in the north.

Descriptions like "a vibrant city", "colorful city" are simply an attempt to give a kind of impression of the culture, passion and pleasure found in the city. Whether it is a visit to one of the attractions, museums and castles around or an evening at clubs and bars in the trendiest parts of the city, allow yourself to be inspired by the joys that await you in Tirana.


Shorex from Tirana


Shengjergj village which is found in the eastern part of Tirana.The trip takes 2 hours.


Itinerary: Your Hotel - Zall Herr - Bovilla Lake - Qafeshtama - Kruje - Fushe - Kruje

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A visit to the Dajti National Park is a great way to spend a day in an attractive mountainous landscape outside and literally ‘above' the city.

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On this area you will experience the local life, villages, local people that will welcome you for a drink. On this spot you will see the country side of Albania.