Saranda is a city in southern Albania and is not on the Ionian coast. Mentioned on a mountain slope. Saranda is a coastal city in Albania among the most frequented during the summer and is characterized as the summer capital.

With about 30,000 inhabitants Saranda is the largest city in southern Albania. With the influx of tourists in the summer, the number of which easily reaches over 100,000. Saranda is by ferry only 30 minutes away from the famous Greek island of Corfu and offers a strategic location from where you can discover the Albanian Riviera. You can find magnificent beaches, ancient heritage sites, such as the UNESCO Butrint archeological site, picturesque castles and villages opposite the mountain landscapes.

The city itself is very lively. Crystal clear water beaches surround the city, you will see many people taking a walk on the boulevard that stretches along the bay and there are many restaurants with excellent Mediterranean and international food. Many of them have wonderful views over the bay. Some of the bars and restaurants turn into nightclubs, providing the city with a nightlife.

Shorex from Saranda