Booking conditions

The following Booking Terms, together with all information regarding your chosen holiday included on our website or in our respective brochure, form the basis of your contract with Happy Tours-Tour Albanian Operator.


Privacy policies

Happy Tours Group collects and processes the personal data of its customers in fulfillment of its legal and contractual rights and obligations and in full compliance with Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008, "On the protection of personal data" ( as amended).Within the use of the official website, Happy Tours Group can directly collect personal data by filling out forms for online requests to Happy Tours Group which are registered in its systems or of service providers authorized by it. Completing this data is voluntary.

Happy Tours Group guarantees that it has taken all physical, technical and operational measures to preserve confidentiality as well as protection from loss, destruction, damage or even unauthorized distribution, in accordance with the requirements of Law No. 9887, dated 10.3.2008, « For the protection of personal data » (amended). Personal data, collected and stored in the database of Happy Tours Group. , will be processed by the employees and / or collaborators of the data controller or those persons in charge of processing. These data will not be transferred or communicated to third parties, except when consent is given or when this information is required by the competent authorities according to the law.


Data subjects have the right to refuse consent at any time to the collection and use of their voluntarily notified data and to request the deletion of this data by exercising the right to terminate the contract concluded between the parties. By reading the content of this section, the data subjects have accepted the terms and conditions related to the privacy policies of Happy Tours Group.


General Conditions for Online Purchases

The procedure of making the purchase/order electronically.

To make purchases electronically, the Customer must be over the age of 18 and have full legal capacity to act. Registration is the first step that must be performed by the Customer who wants to make a purchase on this site. During registration, the Customer must provide his first name, last name, email address, and password. The customer is obliged to provide true and correct data, mandatory for his identification. The password is personal and must be kept secret by the Customer and not disclosed to other persons. The Customer will have access to his personal data in the Customer's space, or in case he will place an order, the Customer must be identified in advance through the username and password, bearing in mind that the password is not used to make payments.
The customer places the order through the procedure described on the website and confirms the detailed summary of the order, which contains data on the ordered product and its price.

Happy Tours Group will not bear any responsibility if another person makes a purchase or order in the respective account of the Client, who has been put in possession of the username and password with or without the knowledge of the respective Client.



The verification of the Customer's data and the provision by him of the bank card number constitute a signature and express acceptance of all transactions carried out by the Customer on the website of Happy Tours Group. Happy Tours Group will not bear any responsibility if the bank card whose data is set for the purpose of making the payment is a stolen or declared lost card, in case the respective bank confirms the payment.

Happy Tours Group is not responsible for the malfunction of the website, which may delay or prevent the execution of orders online, due to events beyond the reasonable control of Happy Tours Group or due to maintenance work carried out on Happy Tours Group site respectively.

Products and Price.

By visiting the website, you as a customer will be informed about the main characteristics of the products on this page. Any information about the description of the products, their characteristics and prices will be displayed with detailed specifications on the website.
Happy Tours Group does not guarantee the availability of any product published on the website. In case of unavailability of the product, Happy Tours Group undertakes to inform the Customer as soon as possible in the contacts he has made during the online purchase, but in any case within 48 hours from the moment of confirmation of the order.
The prices specified on the website of Happy Tours Group are net prices with VAT. The prices specified for the products do not include the shipping costs that are the responsibility of the Customer who chooses to deliver the products to the address specified by him.
In the event of a writing error regarding the prices of one or several products, Happy Tours Group will notify the Customer of the error. The customer is free to choose to continue the transaction until the end or terminate it.


Order Confirmation

After completing the purchase of the product(s) electronically, Happy Tours Group immediately confirms receipt of the order to the Customer. In addition, the Customer will receive a message via his e-mail, which confirms the purchase electronically and contains information on the product, quantity, price and order number.
The Customer's order will be considered accepted only after its confirmation by Happy Tours Group.

The Customer's order can be reviewed by Happy Tours Group, and consulted with the Customer especially in case of absence of the product selected by the Customer on the site. Happy Tours Group informs the Client about each case.

Payment Methods

The customer can make the payment with:

1. Payment in cash near the offices.

2. Bank debit or credit card (of any type).

In the event that Happy Tours Group is unable to fulfill part of the Customer's order due to causes beyond Happy Tours Group's control, the Customer's payment will be deducted from the price of the undelivered products and the relevant shipping costs upon notification. respectively for these changes.

·         Happy Tours Group uses software approved by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide with the latest security standards (128-bit SSL).

·         When making a payment, the Client is automatically connected to the payment server, part of the control system of the bank's data processing center. The Customer's banking data, protected by encryption, do not pass through Happy Tours Group's electronic systems and are not stored in Happy Tours Group's electronic systems.


Order Cancellation.

The customer has the right to cancel his order, in case of non-fulfillment by Happy Tours Group of the delivery conditions by notifying by email at the address [email protected]
The cancellation request will be considered by Happy Tours Group only if the preparation, sending or delivery of the ordered products has not taken place according to the conditions described.
For the above cases of cancellation, the Client will be reimbursed for the payment made within a period of 4 days from receipt of the request by Happy Tours Group.


Privacy. Copyright

The protection of privacy and personal data are issues of particular importance and Happy Tours Group is committed to strictly implement the entire legal framework in their protection and respect, especially Law 9887, dated 10.03.2008 "On the Protection of Personal Data ” as well as the relevant by-laws.
Personal data is protected through the password you use to make purchases online. The customer undertakes to keep this password secret at all times. If the Client thinks or suspects that his account may be used by an unauthorized third party, Happy Tours Group must be notified immediately.
In accordance with the legal framework, the Client has the right to access, correct, delete his personal data or object to their processing. The customer can exercise these rights by writing to the email: [email protected].
This website is the official website of Happy Tours Group. All elements used on this site, including visual or audio elements, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright. They are in the exclusive ownership of the company Happy Tours Group Sh.p.k. 
This site is used subject to the General Terms and Conditions expressly set forth herein. The customer has the right to use this site only for his personal use and any copying, unauthorized use of the elements used on this site is prohibited.


Client service

If you have questions, complaints or remarks about these General Conditions or your online purchase on the Happy Tours Group website, please contact us at: or by e-mail: [email protected]


1. Make your reservation

Once we have received your booking request, you will be issued and sent an invoice, which is in fact a confirmation of the services required. 10-14 days before departure we will send you coupons for all the services mentioned in the invoice. Contact us immediately if any information presented in any document appears to be inaccurate or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later.


2. Payment

To confirm your vacation, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of at least 30% of your chosen travel arrangements (or a minimum of EUR 150 or equivalent).

The deposit must be paid at the time of booking (or within a week later, but not later).

To secure special flight fares, we may require a higher than normal deposit to be paid at the time of booking. This may include up to the full cost of the flight (s) in question. We will advise you on this before confirming your booking.

The holiday price balance must be obtained from us not less than 6 weeks before departure. If we do not receive all required payments (including any surcharge when applicable) in full and on time, we will send you a written reminder. If you do not pay all due payments in full within 7 days of receiving this reminder alert, we reserve the right to process your booking if canceled by you.


Why do we have a Local Payment?

A local fare means we can count on enough money given to our tour leaders to cover some of the essential travel costs they will face along the way.

It saves us a lot of headaches and bank payments.

Having a Local Payment also allows us to keep track of the cost of our competitive tours and save on operating and administrative costs so that we can track your savings.


What is the Local Payment paid for?

This is a predetermined amount (usually EUR 100 per person) which covers the cost of your day trips in expenses such as food, local guides, some entrance fees, accommodation etc. And other expenses that can not be prepaid before the start of your tour. Go for a range of services that your Tournament Leader pays in cash, directly to local people on the ground as international money transfers can be expensive and problematic.


LP helps reduce the overall cost of travel, which in turn exceeds your cost savings. The advantage of LP over "kitten" based systems is that once the LP is assembled you will not be required to pay more. It's just as important to us as you are that there are NO hidden add-ons that are not included on our website.


Basically having a local toll means the price of your tour is a little lower!


3. The cost of your vacation

We reserve the right to make changes and correct errors in advertised prices at any time before your holiday is confirmed. If there are any changes in the published prices, these will be confirmed at the time of booking. We will advise you of any errors we are aware of and the applicable price then at the time of booking. Once the price of your chosen vacation is confirmed at the time of booking, then, subject to error correction, we will only increase or decrease the price, depending on the conditions set out in this clause, if our costs increase or decrease after a result in transportation costs (eg fuel, scheduled flight fares and any other airline fares that are part of the contract between the airline (and their agents) and the tour operator) or fares, taxes or charges payable for services such as landing or boarding taxes. or landing fees at ports or airports that increase or decrease. We will not change the confirmed price of your vacation due to exchange rate fluctuations. We will absorb the increased costs up to a total amount equal to 5% of the cost of your confirmed leave. Only if the increased costs exceed this 5%, we will ask you to pay the difference. If any increase is greater than 5% of the cost of your vacation, you will have the right to cancel your booking and receive a full refund of all money paid to us (excluding any change payments) or buy another vacation from us.


4. If you change your reservation

a) An administration fee of EUR 100 per reservation will be charged if a confirmed reservation is changed or transferred to another departure date or tour, up to 90 days prior to departure. After that, all changes will be treated as cancellations and will be subject to the fees below. Changes are subject to availability.


b) If a customer is unable to travel, in circumstances that the Company deems appropriate, the customer reservation or place of booking may be transferred to another suitable person (introduced by you). However, tour arrangements should remain the same as those originally booked.