Shkodra, the northern center and gateway to the Alps of Albania.

The city of Shkodra is one of the oldest cities of Albania, with a history of thousands of years. For its geostrategic position as the main axis connecting Albania with Montenegro, and other countries of the region, the city of Shkodra is the capital of Northern Albania.

Shkodra is located about 90 km away from Tirana, the capital of Albania. It lies northwest of the country between a field, hilly and mountainous relief, near the Adriatic Sea and Lake of Shkoder, which also define its Mediterranean climate.

Shkodra is the city of beautiful civic traditions where different cultures coexist through centuries in harmony. The city’s main tourist destination is Rozafa Castle, a thousand-year-old monument erected on a rocky hill at the entrance to the city of Shkodra, surrounded by the Buna and Drin rivers.

As an important cultural heritage destination, you can visit the National Museum of Photography Marubi, famous for its rare collection of photographs on Albanian history, the Lead Mosque, old churches, take a walk on the promenade “Kolë Idromeno”, which is the old center of Shkodra, and bring to mind the Venetian Mediterranean buildings; You can also discover the special attractions like Ingliz’s Tower.

Shkodra Lake is one of the most beautiful destinations of Shkodra, where during walks the traditional dishes of the area can be enjoyed.

The beautiful villages of Shiroka and Zogaj are two of the tourist spots closest to the city.

In Shkodra you will find landscapes of unusual beauty in areas around the city, such as alps National Park, Theth Park, Shalë and Kir rivers, Razma about 42 km away from the city, Boga about 48 km and Velipojë beach 32 km away from the city.

The “Ura e Mesit” bridge is a symbol of ancient civilization and cultural monument of great value, which is located 8 km away from the city of Shkodra.

Shkodra is also blessed with many natural monuments such as: Theth Falls, Lake Jezerce and 13 peaks of the Alps of Albania.


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