Ionian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera, also known as the Coast, is a coastline along the Northeast Ionian Sea in the Mediterranean Sea that includes the districts of Saranda and Vlora in southwestern Albania. It forms an important part of the Albanian Ionian Coast scattered with the villages of Palasë, Dhërmi, Vuno, Himarë, Qeparo, Borsh, Piqeras, Lukovë and Saranda.

  • Saranda is one of the most important tourist attractions of the Albanian Riviera. Near the city are the remains of the ancient city of Butrint.
  • Ksamil is one of the most frequented coastal resorts by local and foreign tourists. The Ksamil Islands are a small archipelago just off the coast of the village of the same name.
  • Dhërmi is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at an altitude of approximately 200 meters. The coastal area has seen a boom in the construction of accommodation facilities, such as wooden villa complexes and modern boutique hotels. In addition, it is considered a nightlife destination.
  • Gjipe Canyon, located between Iljas and Vuno can only be reached by walking from the Monastery of St. Theodore.
  • Borsh is the largest beach on the Ionian Sea (7 km). Tourism here is still developing and there are a handful of small hotels and inns.
  • Himara, has long white sandy beaches and the few hills near the sea have terraces and are planted with olives and citrus. Above it is the Old Town which features a castle and several stone fortified houses.
  • Qeparo is located on the western slope of Mount Gjivlash, at about 450 meters (1,480 ft) above sea level and is divided into two settlements. Old Qeparo crowns the top of the hill overlooking hectares of olive groves and the sea. The new settlement climbs the hill above the beach. Many of the houses have steps that lead directly to the beach. Some hotels and some inns offer accommodation. A new seaside promenade was recently built and is popular with families in the evenings.
  • Palasë is a village near the Llogara National Park and also a very popular destination for foreign tourists. On January 4, 48 BC, during the pursuit of Pompey, Julius Caesar landed at the Palace.
  • Lukova is a village in Vlora Region with wonderful beaches and olive groves planted on hills with terraces.
  • The village of Piqeras is the birthplace of the Albanian national hero Vasil Laçi who tried to kill Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy and Shefqet Bey Vërlaci, Prime Minister of Albania after the occupation of Albania by fascist Italy.
  • The Karaburun Peninsula is the only national marine park in Albania. The Karaburun Peninsula is completely underdeveloped and offers a plethora of hiking opportunities. Part of the Mountains is designated as a national park rich in wildlife, including deer, foxes, wild boars and even wolves.
  • Jale is known for its nightlife. Marina Folie is located in Jale.
  • Llaman, is known for its gravel beaches with deep and clear waters.
  • Zvërnec Island is an island within the Narta Lagoon. The island is a tourist attraction because it contains the well-preserved 13th century Byzantine Monastery of Zvërnec.
  • Porto Palermo Castle is a castle located in the bay of Porto Palermo. The Huffington Post ranked Porto Palermo first among the 15 undiscovered European destinations for 2014.
  • Butrint was an ancient city and is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Ionian Riviera

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Ionian Riviera
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Ionian Riviera
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