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Welcome to Albania, with Happy Tours

HAPPY TOURS ALBANIA (DMC) as a leading destination management company invites you to become part of a unique experience by discovering an unknown but stunning location, focusing on local elements: history, culture, traditions and lifestyle. Only by visiting Albania, you will get acquainted with what this place really offers; a sunny Mediterranean climate, delicious food, good people and hospitality, a rich history, an old culture, unique traditions, beautiful mountain landscapes, rivers and a magnificent seafront.

What awaits you

During this visit you will learn the real history of this country, which was closed to outsiders until the 90’s, making this place the mistery of Europe. With the launch of democracy in 1991, Albania opened its doors to foreigners. The tourists who visited Albania discovered and ancient civilization, which is proved by the Roman, Illyrian and Hellenic ruins, quakes and archaeological sites, a part of which has been declared a fortune of Unesco. Foreigners are amazed by the fiery life of the capital and the sweet beaches running in the Mediterranean, which continue to attract vacationers from many countries around the world.

You can choose Happy Tours because we are:

  • Licensed Albanian Tour Operator since 2001
  • One of largest & leading Tour Operator
  • Professional travel experts
  • Travel programs tailored to your need
  • Hospitable & experienced tour guides
  • Authentic travel experience
  • Competitive price & top quality
  • Hand-picked hotels & tour routes
  • Discount hotel & flight reservations

You have to make your reservation with Happy Tours to visit Albania because instead of a hidden jewel, Albania risks being hit by the great wave of tourist urbanization.

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