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Albania’s Religious Tolerance

Albania is one of the few places in the World where true inter-faith harmony exists. This is a rare value that has existed for centuries. Through these tours we aim to present the religious monuments that still co-exist in different regions of Albania with their architectural and spiritual values. In many cases mosques, churches and masjid exist next to each other as a testimony of religious tolerance.


Places to visit:

Grand Church/Grand Mosque Shkoder/Saint Anthony church,Lac /Sari Salltik Masjid/Berat Cathedral (Kulmaku Masjid)Mt Tomorri/Ardenica/Kuzum Baba/Zvernec Monastery/Masjid of Melan/Leuses Church,Permet/Saint Nicholas church,Voskopoja.

Duration10 days
Length1185km, total driving
Minimum group size15 Travelers
PriceStarts from 580 EUR’(HB basis)
Addition125 € for single room accommodation


Arrival to Airport and transfer to Shkoder (85 km)

Reception and assistance in arrival.

Transfer by private coach to the ancient city of Shkodra, which has been the capital city of Illyrians state of Ardians. In the evening walking tour to the heritage city center where you can see the Clock Tower, steam-bath, Grand Church, Grand Mosque etc.

Dinner and Overnight in Shkodra. Accommodation in 4* Hotel


Shkoder-Lac Sebaste-Sari Salltik–Tirane (135 km)

After breakfast in hotel, visit to Rozafa Castle and it’s museum to learn about the legend of the woman who was walled alive during it’s construction. The castle was built in the II century BC.

The tour will proceed at Lac Sebaste, visit to Saint Anthony church, a holy place which is known since the arrival of the Franciscan-monks in the XIV century. Every 13 ͭ ͪof June there is held the celebration of the Great Saint Anthony-day. In this holy temple, a lot of people from all 4 religions, that are in a complete harmony with each other come here in pilgrimage. After transfer to Sari Salltik Masjid, which is found on the top of Kruja Mountain and it is built in the honor of Saint Sari Salltik since year 1300.

Lunch at a panoramic restaurant.

In afternoon transfer to Tirana capital City.  Visit Et’hem Bey Mosque build in 1789.

Dinner and Overnight in Tirana. Accommodation in 4* Hotel.


Departure to Berat (125 km)

Transfer to Berat city which is built alongside the Osumi River. The city lies by the foot of the Tomorri Mountain, considered in antiquity as a sacred place. This city is also known as “The city of one over one windows.

Visit to the castle build on the hills of the city, the Onufri Museum, Saint Trinity Church, Saint Nicolas Cathedral and museum quarters of Mangalemi and Gorica.

Dinner and Overnight in Berat. Accommodation in 4* Hotel.


Berat – Father Tomorri (Pilgrimage sufi Bektashi) (60 km)

After breakfast in hotel departure to Father Tomorri Masjid to visit Kulmaku Masjid, the place where

it is held the biggest pilgrimage in Albania for the Bektashian sect. A holy place for Bektashian devotees, but is attended even by the devotees of other religions. In afternoon return to Berat.

Dinner and Overnight in .Accommodation in 4* Hotel.


Ardenica-Zvernec Monastery-Kuzum Baba/Vlora (120 km)

After breakfast, the tour will proceed to the coastal city of Vlora, visit to medieval monastery of Ardenica, and proceed to Zvernec Island to visit the Monastery and the Saint Mary’s Church build in the XVI century. In evening visit to Kuzum Baba situated about 30 meters above sea level. On top of the hill is situated the Kuz Baba Masjid, the religious centre of Bektashi sect in Vlora Region.

Overnight in Vlora. Accommodation in 4* Hotel.


Churches and Monasteries of Ionian Riviera/Saranda (130 km)

In the morning we’ll depart from Vlora’s city and proceed through the panoramic road of Jonian Riviera. Stop in Dhermi visit the Church of Ipapandia, which is situated very close to the beach and can be reached via a 5-minute drive on secondary road. Exhibiting typical features of the mid 14 ͭ ͪ century churches on the Albanian coast, the Church of Ipapandia has a large, semi-circular shaped atrium, which is divided by the narthex. Proceed to ancient city of Himara which contains a number of houses and churches of the post-Byzantine period. Perhaps the most beautiful church within the walls is the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchusand, also known as the Church of All Saints. This former seat of the archbishopric of Himara showcases church walls preserving its multiple phases of construction, part of them being built on top of earlier walls, original construction, is thought to have occurred towards the end of the 10 ͭ ͪ century.

After lunch in Himara we will take time to visit the Borsh Mosque, which is the only monument of the castle that is almost fully preserved. In 1769, the commander of the castle, a supporter of Ali Pasha, conducted massive works that enabled people to live inside the castle.

Arrival and Overnight in Saranda. Accommodation in 3* Hotel.


Saranda – Gjirokastra –Permet (120 km)

After breakfast transfer to Gjirokastra, stop to visit the monastery of St. Nicholas at Mesopotam with it’s fine carvings of mythological beasts. Your visit will continue at the church in Varosh quarter, dates back to 1776 and rebuilt in 1883, the church in the old Bazaar, where you can visit the shops situated in the narrow streets to take a souvenir. Lunch at a traditional restaurant. After lunch, visit to the Masjid of Melan, home of Sufi Dervishes, proceed to Permet, known as the “Flowers City”. Visit Leuses Church build in 1614.

Dinner and Overnight in Permet.  Accommodation in 3* Hotel.


Permet –Korce-Voskopoje (150 km)

In the morning transfer to Korca.

The journey proceeds to Voskopoja which is known since the XIII ͭ ͪ century as a cultural- artistic center. In 1769 it’s population was 30.000 inhabitants. At Saint Nicholas church you will see some of the most splendid icons made by the most famous Albanian painters. In Voskopoja there are 24 small churches that are programmed to visit.

Dinner and Overnight in Voskopoja. Accommodation in 3* Hotel.


Voskopoja – Pogradec – Elbasan- Durres (225 km)

After the breakfast, departure to visit Pogradec city, which is one of the most beautiful tourist places of Albania, for it’s position, water front of Ohrid lake. A brief stop to Elbasan (ancient Scampa) to visit Hamam, built in the sixteenth century. The older building is located further down the road. The Hamam was rebuilt in 1874, it has 8 windows and a well-known Ottoman mosque.

Continue to Durres.

Dinner and Overnight in Durres. Accommodation in 4* Hotel.


Airport transfer (15 km)

After breakfast, transfer at Tirana International Airport to depart from Albania.



  • 9 Breakfasts
  • 7 Dinners
  • 2 Lunches
  • 9nights Standard Hotel 3/4*
  • Private Bus Transport
  • Driver(s) and interpreter guide
  • All taxes


  • Travel tickets for international flight
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunches and alcoholic drinks (other than those mentioned)
  • Tips and personal exes

*In case you have special requirements, our packages can be customized and adjusted to your convenience.