Albania Cultural Heritages

ARCHAELOGICAL and historical TOUR. 7 Days Tour, from 290 euro Itinerary: Apolonia-Amantia-Himara-Butrinti-Finiqi-Gjirokastra-Antigonea-Sofratika-Bylys-Berat-Durres Day 1. Arrival in Albania Arrival in Tirana and drive at our modern hotel right in the centre of the city. Afternoon tour of Tirana including visits to the Mosaics of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square, the Mosque of Et’hem Bey and the National Historical […]

UNESCO/World Heritage Cites of Albania. 5 Days from 200 Euro Itinerary: Berat-Gjirokaster-Butrint-Sarande-Vlore-Durres Day 1. Departure to Berat, Unesco World Heritage Meet and assisted by our representative in arrival, transfer to Berat part of world heritage of UNESCO, which is known as “the city of one thousand windows” to make known the 2400 years of history, […]

Itenerary: Corfu,Saranda, Butrinti, Vlora, Berati, Durres, Kruja,Tirana, Gjirokastra  Day 1. Arrival in Corfu (Greece) Arrival in Corfu, transferto hotel 3 star hotel. In afternoon visit in the historical center built in a Venetian style and the old bazaar. Overnight in Corfu. Day 2.Corfu Town, (Unesco -World Heritage)-Butrinti-Saranda  (100 km) After breakfast Visit in Corfu town World […]

Itinerary: Pogradec-Korce-Gjirokaster-Sarande-Butrint-Vlore-Apolonia-Berat-Durres Day 1.   Arrival in Albania Meet and assisted by our representative in arrival. Transfer to Tirana, visit E’them Bey mosque build in 1789 and the Watch Tower build in 1830.Along the main boulevard walk tour,visit the City hall and the Government buildings, the Art’s gallery and the University. In the ex- communist quarter you […]

Journey of Faith. 7 Days from 290 Euro Itinerary: Berat-Ardenice-Zvernec-Dhermi-Himara-Mesopotam-Tekke of Melan –Leusa-Voskopoja Day 1. Arrival and departure to Berat                                                                                                                                   Meet and assist in arrival. Transfer to Berat city. Visit the fortress of the city and its churches: St. Michael built in the 13’                                                                                     Th centuries. Theodore, Saint Trinity and the most interesting is the […]

Unforgettable Experience of central Albania. 4 Days tour fron 145 euro Itinerary: Berat –Durres –Kruje- Tirane Day 1. Berat Meet and assistance in arrival. Transfer to Berat city which is known as “the city of thousand windows” to make known the 2400 years of history, testimonial of which, is the castle build on  the hills […]

CLASSICAL TOUR OF ALBANIA. 7 Days Tour, from 285 euro Itenerary: Tirana-Kruja-Berat-Gjirokaster-Butrint-Sarande-Vlore-Apolonia-Durres Day 1 : Arrival in Albania Transfer to Tirana, Meeting the guide and assistance in arrival. Transfer to Tirana Capital, sightseeing tour ,starting from the Skanderbeg square. Visit in the National History Museum with rich objects that prove the long history, E`them Bey […]

Best Tour in North-Western Albania. 5 Days from 195 Euro Itinerary: Shkoder-Lezha-Tirana -Kruja -Durres Day I   Transfer to Shkodra Meet and assistance in arrival. Transfer with A/C coach in the antique city of Shkodra. Since III-rd century, it has been the Illyrian capital of Ardians. In the evening a walking tour in the city centres […]

Ancient Cultures and Civilizations . 9 Days tour from 350 euro Itinerary: Shkoder-Lezhe -Kruja- Durres-Apollonia-Vlora-Saranda-Butrint-Gjirokastra-Permet-Korca-Pogradec-Berat-Tirana Day 1. Arrival in Albania Meet and assistance in arrival .Transfer by private coach to the ancient city of Shkodra, which has been the capital city of Illyrians state of Ardians.In the evening walking tour to the heritage city center […]

Albania’s Religious tolerance – 5 Days from 215 Euro Itinerary:Berat Cathedral- (Kulmaku Teke)Mt Tomorri-Sari Salltik Teke-Saint Anthony church,Lac- Grand MosqueShkoder Albania’s Religious tolerance Albania is one of the few places in the World at least where true inter-faith harmony exists. It is not something that came about in recent history but rather something that has […]