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b_80_90_16777215_409_berat_muzeAncient Cultures and Civilizations . 9 Days tour from 350 euro

Itinerary: Shkoder-Lezhe -Kruja- Durres-Apollonia-Vlora-Saranda-Butrint-Gjirokastra-Permet-Korca-Pogradec-Berat-Tirana Day 1. Arrival in Albania... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_410_religios_tolerance3Albania’s Religious tolerance - 5 Days from 215 Euro
Itinerary:Berat Cathedral- (Kulmaku Teke)Mt Tomorri-Sari Salltik Teke-Saint Anthony church,Lac- Grand MosqueShkoder Albania’s... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_411_Kruja-CastleClassical Tour of Albania. 7 Days Tour, from 285 euro

Itenerary: Tirana-Kruja-Berat-Gjirokaster-Butrint-Sarande-Vlore-Apolonia-Durres  

b_80_90_16777215_412_apoloniaArchaelogical and Historical Tour. 7 Days Tour, from290 euro

Itinerary: Apolonia-Amantia-Himara-Butrinti-Finiqi-Gjirokastra-Antigonea-Sofratika-Bylys-Berat-Durres Day 1. Arrival in Albania Arrival in Tirana... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_413_kostume_populloreEnjoying Albania's hospitality traditional lifestyles and natural beauty,12 Days from 445 Euro

Sarande,Butrint,Gjirokaster,Permet,Korca, Durres Day 1.  Departure to Shkoder Meet and... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_414_beratUNESCO/Cites of Albania. 5 Days from 200 Euro

Itinerary: Berat-Gjirokaster-Butrint-Sarande-Vlore-Durres Day 1. Departure to Berat, Unesco World Heritage Meet and assisted by our... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_415_BeratMainMajestic Tour around the South of Albania.7 Days tour from 295 euro

Itinerary: Pogradec-Korce-Gjirokaster-Sarande-Butrint-Vlore-Apolonia-Berat-Durres Day 1.   Arrival in Albania Meet and assisted by our... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_416_canion_01Albania/Rafting & Scenic Nature 5 Days from 200 Euro

Day 1 . Departure to Berat& city tour   Meet and assistance in arrival, departure to Berat part of UNESCO world heritage, which is... Read More...


b_80_90_16777215_198_butrintiSouthwest Albania from Corfu. 7 Days from 330 Euro

Itenerary: Corfu,Saranda, Butrinti, Vlora, Berati, Durres, Kruja,Tirana, Gjirokastra  Day 1. Arrival in Corfu (Greece) Arrival in Corfu, transferto... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_377_resize_alabaka Balkan Mosaic - (14 days tour /2500km)..from 660 Euro

Itinerary:Greece – Albania–Maqedonia (FYROM)- Kosovo – Montenegro-Croatia –BiH- Serbia Day 1: SELANIK. Arrival ... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_378_Saint_Panteleimon_OhridTreasures of Albania & Macedonia. 9 Days from 365 euro

Itinerary:Vlora-Saranda-Butrinti-Gjirokastra-Permet-Korca-Pogradec-Ohrid-Elbasan-Berat-Durres-Kruje-Tirane   Day 1.  Arrival in Albania (Transfer...

b_80_90_16777215_380_Dubrovniku_ResizeBalkans land of contrasts – 14 days from 680 Eur,

Travel across historic Central Balkan, from Belgrade Serbia. Visit cultural sights and cities in Serbia,... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_381_thethuTurizemFascinating Albanian Alps, 7 days from 370 euro

The Albanian Alps give you some of the most stunning panoramic views in Europe, and is... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_382_vjosa01Hiking Adventure/ South Albania 8 Days from 399 Euro HB basis

Hiking Adventure/ Corfu & South Albania, from 420 euro FB basis Day 1 -Corfu,GreeceSaranda&ButrintNational Park ... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_383_alpe3Trekking in Thethi and Valbona,5 Days from 290 Eur

Situated in beautiful mountainous Northeast Albania the region offers excellent trekking, hiking. In this picturesque ... Read More...

b_80_90_16777215_417_dubrovnik-aerialBalkan Enchantment-8 days from 360 Euro

Greece –Albania-Montenrgro-Croatia/700 km Days 1.Arrival in Corfu(Greece) Arrival in Coffu,transfer at Ariti Grand Hotel 4*.In afternoon visit in... Read More...